Cae Roth’s Corso Riggs – The Progenitor

  • Companion: ‘s Corso Riggs of The Progenitor
  • Submitted by: Quinn
  • Smuggler: "Well Corso… Bad news."
    Corso: "Err… Captain?"
    Smuggler: "Yeah, so Risha flat out refused the plan, Akaavi is… Well, Akaavi. Guss has fish-face and Bowie won't let me braid his hair."
    Corso: "You mean…"
    Smuggler: "Yep, you're gonna have to get in there and put on a show for our fuel credits."
    Corso: *Spiteful Stare*
    Smuggler: "Oh c'mon! You've already got the pony-tail goin' for ya!"
    Corso: "Just… Just don't put me in a skirt, Captain."


    ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
    HeadThermal Retention GogglesYes &Cartel Market
    ChestOverwatch Enforcer's BreastplateLight Yellow & Deep PinkStrategy Alliance Pack
    HandsThermal Retention GlovesYes &Cartel Market
    WaistThermal Retention BeltYes &Cartel Market
    LegsNoble Attendant's LeggingsYes &Constable's Stronghold Pack
    FeetNoble Attendant's BootsYes &Constable's Stronghold Pack
    Wrists &
    WeaponChoose crystal color