Cagee – Jar’Kai Sword


Character – Cagee – Jar’Kai Sword – Mercenary





HeadNot visible
ChestHazardous Physician Lab Coat
HandsForward Recon GlovesColor Matched
WaistClassic Forward Recon BeltColor Matched
LegsFortified Electrum Greaves— and Black
FeetBK-0 Combustion BootsBlack and —
WristsNot listed
WeaponAD-13 Heavy Blaster
OffhandAD-13 Heavy Blaster

Where to Obtain:

Chest: Bounty Supply – newcomer status

Hands: Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack

Belt: Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack

Legs: Synthweaving – level 50

Feet: Contraband Resale Corporation – Hero status

Weapon: Tracker’s Bounty Pack

Offhand: Tracker’s Bounty Pack

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