Companion Starter Gear

This is the green starter gear for every companion. When you complete the starter planet main questline as it relates to your first companion, you can choose from three companion customizations. When you arrive at fleet after completing the starter planet, you can choose one of three armor sets (only for those companions you can see their armor) for your first companion. NOTE: In the case of companions that you can’t see their gear, the images just show the standard customization.


Mako - CloseMako - FrontMako - BackMako - RightMako - Left


Mako Combat - CloseMako Combat - FrontMako Combat - BackMako Combat - RightMako Combat - Left


Mako Ops - CloseMako Ops - FrontMako Ops - BackMako Ops - RightMako Ops - Left


Mako Street - CloseMako Street - FrontMako Street - BackMako Street - RightMako Street - Left


Gault - CloseGault - FrontGault - BackGault - RightGault - Left

Torian Cadera

Torian Cadera - CloseTorian Cadera - FrontTorian Cadera - BackTorian Cadera - RightTorian Cadera - Left


Blizz - FrontBlizz - BackBlizz - RightBlizz - Left


Skadge - CloseSkadge - FrontSkadge - BackSkadge - RightSkadge - Left