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Customized Sets – Companions

Most Liked Companions

TitleLike Count
Quazeer's Felix Iresso - The Harbinger58
Vladishun's Talos Drellik - The Harbinger41
Jaesa Willsaam - The Harbinger36
Trilby's Corso Riggs - The Ebon Hawk30
Caile's Ensign Temple - Prophecy of the Five29
Keshaerys' Ashara - Jedi Covenant26
Ri'ann Dor's Nadia Grell - The Red Eclipse25
Loxra's Vette - The Red Eclipse24
Queen Risha - The Harbinger23
Ri'ann Dor's Major Pierce - The Red Eclipse23

  • Lissy

    Just noticed there is a Temple under the Male section (Caile’s Ensign Temple – Prophecy of the Five).