Kratom – The Ebon Hawk


Character – Kratom – The Ebon Hawk – Mercenary

Submitted by: Minirva


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HeadDespot’s Helmet
ChestTroublemaker Duster
HandsImperial Trooper Gloves
Waist[Artifact] RD-31A Master Striker Belt
LegsBlack Market Boltblaster’s MK-2 Leggings
Feet[Artifact] TT-31A Elite Vanguard Boots
WristsBlack Market Boltblaster’s MK-2 Bracers
WeaponBlack Nebula Heavy Blaster
OffhandBlack Nebula Heavy Blaster

Where to Obtain:

Head: Skip Tracer’s Cartel Pack

Chest: Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack

Hands: Collector’s Edition Vendor

Waist: Oricon Missions

Legs: TFB, S&V SM

Feet: Oricon Missions

Wrists: TFB, S&V SM

Weapon: Black Market/Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack

Offhand: Black Market/Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack

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