Makiita – The Progenitor


Character – Makiita – The Progenitor – Sentinel





HeadNot visible
ChestElegant Dress TopBlack and Deep Green
HandsRelaxed Jumpsuit GlovesColor Matched
WaistElegant Dress SashColor Matched
LegsRV-03 Speedsuit PantsColor Matched
FeetThana Vesh’s BootsColor Matched
WristsElegant Dress CuffsColor Matched
WeaponVolatile Derelict LightsaberAdvanced Mint Green Hawkeye
OffhandNot visible

Where to Obtain:

Chest: Pursuer’s Bounty Pack

Hands: Regulator’s/Enforcer’s Contraband Pack

Waist: Pursuer’s Bounty Pack

Legs: Contractor’s/Freelancer’s Bounty Pack

Feet: Vice Commandant’s Contraband PackOricon Reputation Vendor; Requires Champion

Wrists: Pursuer’s Bounty Pack

Weapon: Supreme Moguls’s Contraband Pack

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