Milannia’s Talos Drellik – The Red Eclipse

    • Companion: ‘s Talos Drellik of The Red Eclipse
    • Submitted by: Eres

Actually I like Talos, he’s very funny, so I made him a funny set on one of my twins and only added few pieces for this Fashin event.
Hope you enjoy ^^


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadSand People FacewrapNoNone & NoneSotial Items Vendor(Tatooine)
ChestTH-16A Master Medic SuitNone & NoneRandom drop
HandsOutlander Force-Lord’s Gloves MK-6Yes&Random drop
WaistAjunta Pall’s BeltNoNone & NoneCM
LegsB-400 Cybernetic PantsNoNone & NoneCM
FeetTionese Weaponmaster’s BootsYes&old stuff
WeaponHoth Mining BlasternoneChoose crystal colorRandom drop

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