Pyrra Kaigo’s Corso Riggs – The Progenitor

    • Companion: Pyrra Kaigo’s Corso Riggs of The Progenitor
    • Submitted by: Psychopithicus

Pyrra didn’t mind Corso at first; he was, after all, the first person to treat her as something with higher status than she actually had. But, as time went on, he started saying things that rubbed her the wrong way…

“We tip our hats to ladies, not blast them.”

“I can’t believe you just rolled over Beryl like that for money.”

“Why don’t we do anything fun on this ship?”

The straw that broke the bantha’s back was this gem he blurted out when the two went to find Corso’s cousin: “Captain, if she sticks a blaster in her mouth, is it her choice to pull the trigger?”

Given that Corso needed a lesson in women’s liberty, Pyrra decided to make him into a (pseudo) Statue of Liberty for her Nar Shaddaa stronghold, complete with everything Corso hates: Separatist armor, stereotypically feminine clothing and colors, and a need to stand still for hours on end.

He groaned, of course. And griped. A lot. So Pyrra made a tiny investment (or two…or three…) to keep him in line. Corso has not said a word since.

All is right with the galaxy.


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadLuxurious Dress TiaraYes&Pursuer’s Bounty Pack or GTN
ChestMantellian Separatist Body ArmorWhite & Medium PinkArchon’s Contraband Pack or GTN
HandsStately Dress GlovesNoLight Yellow & Deep PinkOpportunist’s Bounty Pack or GTN
LegsFeral Visionary’s PantsYes&Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack or GTN
WristsLuxurious Dress CuffsNoNone & NonePursuer’s Bounty Pack or GTN
WeaponChoose crystal color