Rhys Preidn’s Lord Scourge – The Shadowlands

  • Companion: ‘s Lord Scourge of The Shadowlands
  • Submitted by: Gr3yStar
  • Lord Scourge and I have never gotten along very well. When Oricon dropped, I got all the pieces to the Hallowed Gothic armor set and decided that this would be his punishment until the end of time.


    ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
    HeadHallowed Gothic HeadgearYes &Oricon – Harbinger of Fear spawn
    ChestHallowed Gothic VestmentsLight Orange & WhiteOricon Reputation Vendor
    HandsHallowed Gothic GlovesYes &Oricon Reputation Vendor
    WaistHallowed Gothic SashYes &Oricon Reputation Vendor
    LegsHallowed Gothic Lower RobesYes &Oricon Reputation Vendor
    FeetHallowed Gothic BootsYes &Oricon Reputation Vendor
    WristsHallowed Gothic BracersYes &Oricon Reputation Vendor
    WeaponChoose crystal color