Righteous Mystic

  • Source: Dark v Light – Light Side Vendor
  • Alignment: Light III or above


Righteous Mystic - Female CloseRighteous Mystic - Female FrontRighteous Mystic - Female BackRighteous Mystic - Female RightRighteous Mystic - Female Left


Righteous Mystic - Male CloseRighteous Mystic - Male FrontRighteous Mystic - Male BackRighteous Mystic - Male RightRighteous Mystic - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Righteous Mystic VestmentsRighteous Mystic PantsRighteous Mystic HeadgearRighteous Mystic GlovesRighteous Mystic SashRighteous Mystic Bracers


White and Deep Pink

Righteous Mystic Dyed FrontRighteous Mystic Dyed Back

Hides Hood

Righteous Mystic Hides Hood

Head Righteous Mystic’s Headgear 8 x Light Side Token
Chest Righteous Mystic’s Vestments 8 x Light Side Token
Hands Righteous Mystic’s Gloves 8 x Light Side Token
Waist Righteous Mystic’s Sash 6 x Light Side Token
Legs Righteous Mystic’s Pants 8 x Light Side Token
Feet Righteous Mystic’s Boots 8 x Light Side Token
Wrists Righteous Mystic’s Bracers 6 x Light Side Token


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