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Click on each image below to go to a specific post for each armor set where you can see more pictures, where it came from etc.

Social Rank I

Social Rank II

Social Rank III

Social Rank IV

Social Rank V

Social Rank VI

  • Hi, is this list complete, please?

    • dulfy

      Missing 2-3 pilot sets from the fleet commendation vendor but complete otherwise

      • Thanks. It’s a great resource! Our guild is looking for a uniform for our premade Ranked PvP. Several of them would look awesome on an entire team!

  • Acrolep

    Hey dulfy ever plan on adding weapons to tor-fashion? Unfortunately we can’t preview them in-game..

    • dulfy

      yup, its coming soon 😀

      • stpfp

        With sound please!

  • Stephanie Lentz

    There is stuff missing there is gear all the way up to social rank 10

    • Mordicai

      Uhm, what? Where? Social Gear came from the planets up to level 50, which is Corellia, which is the CorSec gear.

      • OW EN F


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