Taurielle – The Progenitor

    • Character: Taurielle of The Progenitor
    • Bounty Hunter: Mercenary
    • Submitted by: ImNotASWFanboy


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadLight Exoskeletal HeadgearYes&GTN / World Drops
ChestBattlefield Commander BreastplatePale Brown & NoneCrafting / GTN
HandsDramatic Extrovert’s GauntletsYes&Grand Chance Cubes / GTN
WaistFearsome Harbinger BeltYes&Grand Chance Cubes / GTN
LegsRemnant Yavin Bounty Hunter’s LegplatesYes&Alliance Supply Crates
FeetFearsome Harbinger BootsYes&Grand Chance Cubes / GTN
WristsRavager’s BracersYes&Grand Chance Cubes / GTN
WeaponGR-9 Plasma BlasterOrange-RedGTN
OffhandGR-9 Plasma BlasterOrange-RedGTN

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