Überbored – The Bastion


Character – Überbored – The Bastion – Mercenary

Submitted by – Overbored




PieceNameColor Matched?Dye/Crystal Color(s)
HeadBlack Vulkar Swooper GogglesYesNone & None
ChestTheron Shan’s JacketBlack & Black
HandsCovert Hand Energy ArmorNoNone & None
WaistEradicator’s BeltYesNone & None
LegsAlliance Reconnaissance PantsYesNone & None
FeetTheron Shan’s BootsYesNone & None
WristsB-400 Cybernetic BracersYesNone & None
WeaponNico’s BlasterOrange-Red
OffhandNico’s BlasterOrange-Red

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: Force Alliance Packs
  • Chest: Initiate’s Shadow Packs/Pilgrim’s Shadow Packs
  • Hands: Vice Commandant’s Contraband Packs
  • Waist: The Cartel Market (Equipment Tab)
  • Legs: Strategy Alliance Packs
  • Feet: Initiate’s Shadow Packs/Pilgrim’s Shadow Packs
  • Wrists: Outer Rim Explorer’s Packs
  • Weapon: Subscriber Reward: Launch Of KOTFE (No Longer Obtainable)
  • Offhand: Subscriber Reward: Launch Of KOTFE (No Longer Obtainable)


Hi! Hello! What you are looking at above is my character (Überbored) in his terminator-like armor set! In two photos, I have the Vectron JM-13 Torrens shown. I have this speeder in the pictures to show how the Vectron is a good black and motorcycle-looking speeder. You can use other speeders, but I would recommend the Vectron JM-13 Torrens. Also, The Mainhand and Offhand blasters I have (Nico’s Blaster) are no longer available since they were a reward given to subscribers for so much time before the 4.0 game update. I am hoping for better looking glasses, but otherwise my Terminator is ready to “GET TO THE CHOPPA!” =)