Unobtrusive Headgear

This page is intended to show those headgear options that don’t hide your characters hair or mouth, i.e. unobtrusive headgear. The first image in each section is just an example of the type of headgear because hoods and hair often hide the details.

UHSH11 – 1831

Consular's Renowned - Head

UHSH02 – 1821

Ablative Laminoid Pub - Head

UHSH12 – 1832

Counsular Expert - Head

UHSH30 – 3134


SGSH02 – 1571

Laminoid Battle Pub - Head

UHSH24 – 2275

Martial Pilgrim

UHSH23 – 1846

Underworld Knight

UHSH40 – 3154


    JCSH15 – 2234

    Yavin Consular

    SLSH06 – 1737

    Mira - Head

    UHSH34 – 3138

    UHSH06 – 1825

    Blade Master - Head

    UHSH21 – 1841

    Sentinel's Exalted - Head

    UHSH01 – 1820

    Ablative Lacqerous Pub - Head

    UHSH07 – 1826

    Battlemaster Stalker Pub - Head

    SNSH04 – 1767

    Hailstorm Brotherhood - Head

    UHSH09 – 1829

    Classic Preceptor - Head

    UHSH10 – 1830

    Consular - Head

    UHSH28 – 3132


    UHSH22 – 1842

    Voss Ambassador - Head

    UHSH37 – 3141


    UHSH20 – 1840

    Primeval Ardent Blade Pub - Head

    UHSH04 – 1823

    Ablative Resinite Pub - Head

    UHSH08 – 1828

    Bladefury - Head

    UHSH17 – 1837

    Guardian's Renowned - Head

    UHSH31 – 3135


    UHSH03 – 1822

    Ablative Plasteel Pub - Head

    UHSH16 – 1836

    Force Sentinel Pub - Head

    UHSH19 – 1839

    Campaign Force-Master - Head

    UHSH13 – 1833

    Elder Paragon Pub - Head

    UHSH14 – 1834

    Force Battler Pub - Head

    UHSH38 – 3142


    UHSH05 – 1824

    Ancient Vindicator Pub - Head

    UHSH32 – 3136


    UHSH25 – 2276

    Massassi Knight

    SGSH14 – 1583

    Enforcer's Eyeguard - Head

    CMSH06 – 1688

    Black Efficiency Scanner - Male Thumb

    IASH09 – 1280

    Stylish Defender's Goggles - Head

    UHSH26 – 2277


    UHSH36 – 3140


    UHSH18 – 1838

    Polar Exploration - Head

    FWSH01 – 1727

    Regal Apparel - Head

    IASH08 – 1279

    Adept Scout - Head

    UHSH35 – 3139


    CYSH03 – 1699

    Cyborg Construct AM-7 - Male Thumb

    UHSH29 – 3133

    UHSH15 – 1835

    Charged Interrogator - Head

    IASH02 – 1273

    Fortified Lacqerous Imp - Head

    IASH05 – 1276

    Battle Headguard Thumb

    UHSH33 – 3137


    • David P

      Where’s the Voss Ambassador’s headgear on this list? It would be the only piece of Unobtrusive Legacy Headgear on the list and I think it deserves to be there.

      • Exiled Messenger

        I just missed it. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll add it first thing tomorrow morning.

    • jediguy

      very good guide, just one thing
      the cyborg construct headgears are intentionally not here?

      • Exiled Messenger

        It’s not intentional. I created this before they came out and sometimes forget to add new stuff.

        • jediguy

          so fast reaction 😀
          thats why u the best

          • Exiled Messenger

            Aw thanks. I try to get to everything within 24 hours if it’s something I can do fairly easily.

    • Kirillus

      They should really add Darth Thanaton’s headpiece. It has a sleeker look to it than the others

    • Is there any way on the site to find out which of these head gears force hoods down? I’m looking for something adaptive or inquisitor-compatible. All I’ve found so far are medium pieces, or consular-specific ones.

    • Randomperson1234124

      I want a headgear that hides the hood, but your filter just says “Nothing found” A circlet to be specific I can’t find crap for Imp side. ANYWHERE

      • Exiled Messenger

        Try filtering on less categories. For instance, the “Imp” category won’t show you everything an imperial character can wear, only those sets that only imperial characters can wear. If you take that out of the filter, it will show you more options.

    • Arby

      The level 50 PVE vendor Inquisitor headgear is unobtrusive as well: Black Hole, Campaign, Haz Mat, Dread Guard

      • Exiled Messenger

        I haven’t updated this page in forever. It’s best to use the Unobtrusive Headgear category on the filter until I have time to do so.

        • Arby


      • Exiled Messenger

        I made time to update this page today, but the Inquisitor level 50 gear you mentioned doesn’t meet my criteria because it hides the character’s hair.

    • Is there another category for headgear? I’m looking for hat-like pieces, but I can’t find a category for that on the site.

      • Exiled Messenger

        Have you looked at the options on the side bar filter under Armor, Armor Appearance, Head?

        • Thanks! I was only using the menus on top to navigate but that takes me to a lot more options!

          • Exiled Messenger

            Yoiur’e welcome. There are a ton of options with the filter that I just can’t fit on the menu.