Vortai – The Red Eclipse


Character – Vortai – The Red Eclispe – Sentinel


Vortai CloseVortai FrontVortai Action



HeadMask of NihilusColor Matched
ChestRevan’s Chest PlateBlack and Deep Red
HandsRelaxed Vestments HandwrapsColor Matched
WaistRelaxed Jumpsuit BeltColor Matched
LegsRevan’s RobesColor Matched
FeetNot listed
WristsNot listed
WeaponGray Helix LightsaberAdvanced Purple Hawkeye Crystal
OffhandNot visible

Where to Obtain:

Head: Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack; Contraband Resale Corporation Vendor

Chest: Blockade Runner’s and Space Pirate’s Cartel Packs

Hands: Archon’s Contraband Pack

Belt: Regulator’s/Enforcer’s Contraband Pack

Legs: Blockade Runner’s and Space Pirate’s Cartel Packs

Weapon: Gree Reputation Vendor – requires Legend status

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