Wa’ald’s Kaliyo Djannis – The Shadowlands

    • Companion: ‘s Kaliyo Djannis of The Shadowlands
    • Submitted by: Damask Rose

After years of being rude and crude, Wa’ald thought it was high time Kaliyo dressed like a lady and kept polite company. The Alderaanian nobles were quite happy to talk at her, though Kaliyo is clearly plotting her revenge rather than listening to them…


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadElegant HatYes&Social Vendor
ChestElegant DressDeep Pink & Dark BlueSocial Vendor
HandsStately Dress GlovesYes&Cartel Pack
WaistGav Daragon’s BeltYes&Cartel Pack
LegsElegant PantsYes&Social Vendor
FeetLuxurious Dress ShoesYes&Cartel Pack
WristsStately Dress CuffsYes&Cartel Pack
WeaponChoose crystal color

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