• Character: Abeli of The Ebon Hawk
  • Bounty Hunter: Mercenary
  • Submitted by: K
  • I’ve been agonizing for a while over whether to submit to tor-fashion or not. I love the website (and anyone who spends time trawling the GTN or scouring for specific pieces off random drops no doubt does too) but after spending X amount of time being huddled up in my own little customizing world I wasn’t sure if what I did was of any good to anyone or would really shine via screenshots. This outfit (rightly or wrongly) finally made me make a decision and here I am, nothing ventured nothing gained.
    I wanted something a little dingy, a little beat up, with more of a natural colour palette compared to other BH outfits I’ve had previously. I adore this outfit. Everything from the simplicity to the little things that just flat out work – the right side gun sitting neatly behind the belt strap, the blue light from the chest and the red light from the boots mirroring my BH’s cosmetic colours, the non-detailed metal plates on the gloves matching the non-detailed plates on the belt, the browns and dirty creams in numerous different shades and the list goes on. It isn’t a show stopper nor does it stand out in a crowd but I think that’s half the reason I like it so much, sometimes it’s nice to have a break from flashy. And best of all – no clipping from the wonderful little holster/bag/pocket from the belt. Glorious.
    (Also a big thank you to Aeden for the black spot jazz. I probably wouldn’t have done this without that beautiful void background.)


    Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head Battleworn Engineer’s Headgear Yes & GTN
    Chest Mandalorian Seeker Breastplate None & None GTN
    Hands Daring Rogue’s Gloves Yes & GTN
    Waist Hoth Ranger’s Belt Yes & GTN
    Legs Galvanized Manhunter Greaves Yes & GTN
    Feet Galvanized Manhunter Boots Yes & GTN
    Wrists Corellian Councillor Cuffs Yes & GTN / Bounty Supply Company Vendor
    Weapon R-30017 Aikion Blaster Blue Outline GTN
    Offhand R-30017 Aikion Blaster Blue Outline GTN