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  1. Astyra
    22 December 2014 @ 2337

    Sorry everyone, forgot that I put the Intimidator boots on before taking the screenies. They are NOT the Sniper’s Boots I was wearing before the pics were taking. They’re Intimidator boots =P


  2. Rhodos
    23 December 2014 @ 0347

    That’s a pretty good combination. I think will try a variation of this with my sniper^^.


    • Astyra
      23 December 2014 @ 1354

      Thanks man! Glad you like it! =)
      At first I wanted a temporary alternative to the Agile Recon chest, so I went with the dyed Silent Ghost chestplate. I actually found I liked this much better than the Recon jacket, thought it looked sweet with the helmet.
      The one thing I don’t like about the hood on this is that it has to have a mask because without one it removes the hair, giving you a balding issue =P


  3. Aena/Jen'asha
    31 August 2015 @ 1000

    Looks really good! Nicely put together! 😀


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