Acheron’s Malavai Quinn – The Harbinger

    • Companion: Acheron’s Malavai Quinn of The Harbinger
    • Submitted by: Exiled Messenger

NOTE: This submission is not eligible to win the contest. It’s to get us started, test the form, and give me some satisfaction in punishing Quinn. Just because this is how I choose to punish Quinn, does not mean you have to follow my example in punishing your companions to be eligible to win.

Quinn’s punishment started immediately after his treachery when Acheron cut off both hands. She has relented a bit and allowed him the use of cybernetic parts and an occasional visit outside his cell, but his outfit must meet two criteria.

  • Must wear a full-faced helmet to muffle his voice and hide his beauty mark.
  • Must not wear shoes, but she will allow braces for his plantar fasciitis, compression wraps for his varicose veins, and knee pads since he spends so much time groveling.

My goal was to use as many problematic pieces of armor as possible, those that I find difficult to use in other sets. Also, I wanted to make sure he was wearing every color.


Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Zakuulan Inquisitor’s Helmet No Dark Purple & Light Blue GTN
Chest Huttsbane’s Coat Dark Pink & Dark Blue Cartel Market
Hands B-100 Cybernetic Gauntlets No Deep Red & Deep Yellow GTN
Waist Temple Guardian’s Belt No Dark Blue & Light Brown GTN
Legs Naga Sadow’s Lower Robe No Light Yellow & Deep Pink GTN
Feet Jori Daragon’s Footwraps No Medium Green & Deep Purple GTN
Wrists &
Weapon Czerka CZK-4 Blaster Pistol Damaged Gold Core GTN

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