Adena Assai – The Progenitor

    • Character: Adena Assai of The Progenitor
    • Jedi Consular: Shadow
    • Submitted by: Chiyeko

Seeing I am dipping my feet into Galactic Starfighter I felt the need to have an outfit to match this new skill of my character. So I came up with this set, showed it to my guild leader without saying anything and his remark “Very pilotish” so mission successful 🙂

Anyhow I think this set looks really good and the nice thing is that this set works for any and all republic classes because a pilot is well a pilot. The addition of the Resourceful Engineer’s bits really make this outfit work I feel. The dye was a lucky hit as I was simply going through what I had still in my pack explorer. So as an added bonus this entire set costed me exactly 0 credits (If we do not count unlocking yet an other outfit tap, they do get expensive 🙂 ).

I know that the jacket might be tricky if you don’t get them as a sub reward, but there are some other versions around and the pants well they are pants and many could mix well with this outfit I feel.

Hope you enjoy it and leave me some feedback if you have any 🙂

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Veteran Pummeler’s Headgear Yes & LVL 60 instant char, but many versions can be found.
Chest Republic Squadron Commander Pilot Jacket Black & Medium Orange Subcriber reward, some other variants exist.
Hands Resourceful Engineer’s Gloves Yes & Cartel market/GTN
Waist Resourceful Engineer’s Belt Yes & Cartel market/GTN
Legs Republic Squadron Commander Pilot Pants Yes & Subcriber reward, not sure if other variants exist.
Feet Resourceful Engineer’s Boots Yes & Cartel market/GTN
Wrists &
Weapon Senya’s Lightsaber Pike Dark-attuned weapon tuning Cartel market/GTN

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