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TOR Fashion


  1. Naomi
    11 April 2017 @ 1246

    Nicely done! you mind sharing your number slide? Thanks!


    • Avelineae
      12 April 2017 @ 0214

      I don’t mind sharing her sliders at all. : ) Her sliders are…

      Body: 2
      Head: 4
      Scars: 6
      Complexion: 39
      Eye Color: 3
      Cosmetics: 9
      Hair: 54 (It’s a CM bought one, but I assume it’s still 54 for everyone?)
      Hair Color: 8
      Skin Color: 5


      • Naomi
        12 April 2017 @ 1138

        Thanks for the quick reply!


  2. Vulcana
    11 April 2017 @ 1404

    You made it! 😀 I love it! That chest is really something, and yes I had the same nightmare with dyes. I really like the hair and the red lips. The only thing I think would look better is another pants, maybe something with a few straps or some leatherish texture. But that’s just me being nitpicky really. Great work!


    • Vulcana
      11 April 2017 @ 1407

      Also, the screenshots look gorgeous and love the shotgun ones 😀


      • Avelineae
        11 April 2017 @ 1633

        Yesss, I made it! o/ Thank you very much!

        Yea, the pants are the part of the set that gave me quite a headache (besides the dyeing nightmare of the chest). I had originally planned on using something a lot more detailed like the legs from the Stalker set, but it didn’t work with the dyes on the chest at all after I got a better look at the whole set-up on a better screen than my own. I had originally planned using the dark red on the chest, and then the “typical” Black & Red Dye (I can’t quite put my finger on what the name is, too tired at this hour) for the pants as an accent. But the secondary red was just so… Bright it looked absolutely out of place in the end. So instead I went with the simple pants since I had those unlocked in my collections. I would’ve gone for more leather-ish look for the simple choice if I had any better pants at hand. :p

        But thanks for the suggestion! It’s definitely something I’m trying to keep my eye on, here’s hoping I find something even more fitting eventually!


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