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TOR Fashion


  1. Knutt
    28 July 2014 @ 1404

    Totally going to buy those boots for my sniper.


  2. Aleksey314
    4 October 2014 @ 0324

    The boots and, possibly, belt are the only usable pieces in this set. The rest is fugly enough, IMHO. I’d totally use the boots on my Operative, because of all the knife moves, but I don’t like this little pistol on the other boot. If only there were same boots with the knife only. There are other boots with knives, but I don’t like any of them.


    • gua543
      4 October 2014 @ 0526

      But don’t you like the sub buffers on the head? And the weird spiky things from the hands that serve no purpose whatsoever?


    • Deathstroke11
      6 April 2017 @ 1934

      I really do like the chest piece though, I use it with a black and Deep red dye


  3. Faustey Frosty
    30 January 2020 @ 1359

    I honestly love this set… Some have called it out for looking goofy, but I love the goofy look. Makes my Slicer/Operative look like a legitimately cool bandit!


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