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TOR Fashion


  1. Atlantic
    23 September 2015 @ 0636

    Very nice screens. It reads like a comic. Did you have to do an armor swap without changing the camera angle for the two versions? The armor itself is a good use of the Shield Warden chest. The helmet fits well here despite looking like it may take on a lot of rainwater.


    • Aeden
      23 September 2015 @ 1243

      Yeah I had to hold the angle while I changed appearances and saber crystals. Just trying new stuff. I’m def going for the comic book theme but this was a rough one. Took lots of hours over 4 days. Ack! Thanks for the compliments.


  2. Aela'eth
    23 September 2015 @ 1042

    Awesome print screens indeed


    • Aeden
      23 September 2015 @ 1239

      Hey thanks!


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