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TOR Fashion


  1. Woodbear
    6 November 2015 @ 0410

    That is one hell of a combination!


    • Aeden
      6 November 2015 @ 1503

      Thanks man! I feel the same way about it.


      • Steve
        6 November 2015 @ 1706

        that looks great, where’d the chest come from?


        • Aeden
          6 November 2015 @ 2056

          I think I got that as a one time mission reward for the Star Fortress completion. Probably Alderaan as it gives you the chest piece but you can get the same looking armor from the Ultimate, err radiant vendors on fleet. It’s pretty cool no matter what class you are, you can buy this or other out of class armor and still use the mods and enhancements.


  2. Impressed Mando
    6 November 2015 @ 2137

    Not usually a fan of Sith gear, but… crikey, this is one sharp set. Well done!


    • Aeden
      7 November 2015 @ 1641

      Hey thanks!!!


  3. Valkhar
    9 November 2015 @ 1541

    Excellent set, Aeden! I have a very similar one, but am missing your gloves which blend in perfectly with the shoulder guards and the boots, great combining! Matter of fact you have just inspired me to post my own sets just now 🙂 . I am, however, very inexperienced with this sort of stuff (basically anything IT-related). Might I ask you for help should I get stuck at some point?


    • Valkhar
      9 November 2015 @ 1544

      edit: Could you tell me where you got the gloves from? Should love to add them to my outfit 🙂


      • Sarigar
        9 November 2015 @ 1710

        The Hallowed Gothic set can be purchased from the Reputation vendor on Oricon (except the helmet, which is a drop from Harbinger/Acolyte of Fear).


        • Valkhar
          10 November 2015 @ 0154

          Why, thanks mate! The gear from this vendour never caught my eye really and now I am coming back to get this much desired piece, funny somehow.


    • Aeden
      9 November 2015 @ 1924

      Sure, I’ll help any way I can but if your concern is how to make decent screenshots there’s a great guide here on the site on pretty much everything you want to know and it has a real simple approach for any level. Just head up to “Guides” and “Taking Screenshots”. There are lots of good ppl around too that can help out as well like Sarigar just did. So feel free to reach out anytime.


      • Valkhar
        10 November 2015 @ 0150

        Yes, indeed I have already had a look at this section, it explains it all quite nicely and in great detail. But yea, as of now my main concern is the correct uploading of screenshots and the so-called “cropping”. Thanks for the heads-up, I shall try my best to get this done by myself, but it’s good to know there are friendly people around willing to help out.


        • Exiled Messenger
          10 November 2015 @ 0833

          Uloading the screenshots should be very easy. The submission form lays it out very nicely. The first image is the featured image or thumbnail you see on the front page and throughout the site. You don’t actually see it on the post itself, but it is attached to it. It is a 150 x 150 px image, so making that particular image a perfectly square one will yield the best results.

          You upload each of the pictures that will show up on the post one at a time in the order you want them to appear on the post. All you have to do is click Choose File and it will allow you to search for the image you want to use from your computer.

          When you take a screenshot in-game, you get the entire screen. It is very difficult to see the armor details for your character because the website is significantly smaller than most people’s screens. To make it easier to see, you need to crop your image. This involves cutting your character out of the rest of the screen so that’s all you see. To do this, you need to use a separate program.

          There are many programs available for this. Some you download to your own computer, like Adobe PhotoShop. Others you can use through the internet, like Fotor Photo Crop. Even others use a combination of a program on your computer and the internet, like Gyazo. One program that does not work is Microsoft Paint which comes standard on Windows PCs.


          • Valkhar
            10 November 2015 @ 0945

            Thanks a lot for the additional explanations, Exiled Messenger! This basically answered all my remaining questions on the issue. Looking forward to doing all this, but shall have to wait until Thursday when I get home.

  4. Tykè
    21 November 2015 @ 1249

    This is like a set where vader/anakin became a loner (not a jedi nor sith)


  5. jezzroth
    13 March 2017 @ 1918

    Absolutely amazing. Going to recreate this for my jugg. Those leggings still available? Also wonder how this would look in black and red ?


    • Ri'ann Dor
      14 March 2017 @ 0611

      Legs should still be in the game. They’re a reward for completing the Tatooine Star Fortress on Heroic for the first time. (They are legacy bound.)
      (Here you can also see how the set dyes.)


      • Jezzroth
        14 March 2017 @ 1542

        Awesome, thanks! Ill get on that. I got chest and helmet. The grind for the gloves is immense, but Ill get there.
        Any clues what to replace gloves and boots with ?
        I wonder if tulak hords leggings would work ?

        I went with Black/Red, I really like the red cloak.


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