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TOR Fashion


  1. Errtai
    9 November 2015 @ 0922

    Okay, so this chest piece dropped from an alliance chest just recently, I stared at it, didn’t know what to do with it and then vendor’ed it. Damn… What you did with it, is very nice. A bit Trooper-ish, but very nice. I would use a nice helmet with this outfit and directly copy/paste it for my Commando. That is of course, considering I will manage to get this chest again.


    • Aeden
      9 November 2015 @ 1953

      Man you have a way with this stuff that’s a little unnerving at times. This was my “beta” version of the outfit. Totally trooper. lol! Don’t worry about that chest either. In just two weeks of grinding heroics I’ve gotten 3 of them though there are said to be in the number of nearly 260 or 280 new pieces that were added. If you do get it, this might be a helmet you want to look at. It’s got that whole tube/wire thing going on. 😀
      Remnant Dreadguard Trooper’s Helmet.


      • Errtai
        10 November 2015 @ 0235

        This looks sick! The red center looks like somekind of a power core, powering the whole armor. Helmet fits perfectly. Amazing outfit for a body type 3 Cyborg male in my opinion. Aaaand my Vanguard happens to be just that!
        I’ll try this with 512 cybernetic hand (gloves). I’ll lose the tubes on gloves but it will look more Cyborg-ish. Also the Underworld Bounty Hunter Belt might be another good option.
        Now the only tiiiiiny problem for me is to get this chest again :(.


        • Aeden
          10 November 2015 @ 1658

          I was gonna suggest the same belt but once again you got ahead of me. Lmao. I’d like to see it all when you get it put together. The chest dyes decently as well so don’t be aftaid to preview a bunch before you commit. Reset for heroics happens today so good luck man. I really hope you loot it.


          • Steve
            24 January 2016 @ 0307

            Hey is that a black and white dye in there?? just asking cuz those are pricey but i really like it.

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