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  1. Aeden
    12 November 2015 @ 0344

    Weirdness. Posted a better pic of the white suit but I don’t see it now. If there’s a duplicate up here please forgive. This one shows better detail of the white suit.


    • Killerlegus
      12 November 2015 @ 1413

      The white set looks extremely great, but I think the Sith Recluse helmet would look better…


  2. gua543
    12 November 2015 @ 1100

    You have waaay too much credits mate.


    • Aeden
      12 November 2015 @ 1314

      Lmao! Not really. Once you acquire the sith recluse set most of the other armor is given during the heroics (free Yay!) and I used two of the cheapest dyes you can get off the gtn. The Secondary green was 40k and the Secondary Brown was 20k. The others are a bit much but I typically grab them when they are for cheaper than the norm. I horde dyes. This just looks really expensive I guess. The white on gray dye though is so fresh looking it would be worth millions imo. It’s look amazing on this, I think.


    • Errtai
      12 November 2015 @ 1421

      Think of it like this: Even if he does have too much credits, he’s using them to buy gear and then shows them here to us. That’s public service, isn’t it? And I know I shamelessly copy/paste’d at least two of his outfit sets (maybe more but I won’t tell!). Just like that. From top to bottom. Each and every piece.
      Regarding these sets: Well, to be honest I personally hate those Sith head pieces. They just look plain ugly to me. Personal preference. The gloves on the 2nd set (w/green dye) is very nice. The pants on the last White outfit is also a perfect match to the chest piece. But the real winner in my opinion is the belt on the last set. I have no idea how I missed that. And with White/grey dye; winner!
      See? Public service! Now I’m going to buy that belt and think of how I can use it.


      • Errtai
        16 November 2015 @ 1227

        As I said, from top to bottom :).


  3. dinodoc
    12 November 2015 @ 1709

    I actually kinda like set 2 and 3. I might steal set 2 for a sith warrior.


  4. Darth Drakazi
    12 November 2015 @ 1849

    Ohohoho baby, I’m liking that fourth set!


  5. CristiCatSlug
    12 December 2017 @ 1022

    Still using the second set with the gloves from the first and the Series 917 Cybernetic belt on my Jugg.


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