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TOR Fashion


  1. Lundy
    14 July 2016 @ 1905

    Yah oki, I just loved this too much. Completely ripped you off with a few editions. Hope you don’t mind. (Not the same server, so you’ll never see me *vanishes*) :c

    You do excellent work on all your characters! Please don’t stop.


    • Aeden Darko
      17 July 2016 @ 1119

      I don’t mind at all. That’s exactly what the site is for. I’m glad you like it and If you get a chance post a pic of your changes in the comment section. I’d love to see them. Thanks for the kind words mate.


      • Swtorista
        17 July 2016 @ 1158

        I love this look! Well done! It looks very regal and golden.


  2. gaelicvixen
    19 June 2017 @ 1009

    I love these pants but have NEVER been able to figure out what boots to use with them because the set boots just do not go imo. Bless you for this set 😀


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