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TOR Fashion


  1. Aeden
    3 April 2016 @ 1110

    Dear Bioware. Sixteeen appearance slots are not enough.

    I totally said that with a straight face. 8D


    • dinodoc
      3 April 2016 @ 1158

      Do you even have enough room in your bank for all the gear?


      • Aeden
        3 April 2016 @ 1222

        I am working on unlocking all my legacy bays and collecting full sets allows me to pull them when I need to but yeah, it’s an uphill battle for sure.


        • Aiko
          3 April 2016 @ 1628

          You can sadly only have a max of 5 Legacy bays.. 🙁 Not enough for me.
          Also i hope you are using CC unless you have 50m to spare for that.


          • Aeden
            5 April 2016 @ 2148

            How much does the last bay cost? I’m going to buy #4 and it’s only 1.5 mill.

          • Aiko
            6 April 2016 @ 0122

            I just google’d it and it looks like they decreased the price drastically. 2.5m for the last one. D: Lucky you.

          • Aeden
            6 April 2016 @ 0407

            Wow! Can’t believe it was that costly before. I am thankful. Thanks for the update as well.

  2. Prov
    3 April 2016 @ 1338

    Never thought I would see this helmet actually look good on a set.

    This looks amazing; I love it! Great choice of saber, too.


    • Aeden
      5 April 2016 @ 2150

      Thanks a lot man. I had plans for other helmets but when I saw this one I felt pretty good about it no matter how ugly it is. lmao.


  3. Errtai
    3 April 2016 @ 1401

    What just Prov said, absolutely fantastic combination. Too bad I vendored all those devoted gear long ago. Ah well…
    Also 16 outfit slots!! Wow :)… But why not create a 2nd Shadow instead of unlocking so many slots for him?


    • Aeden
      5 April 2016 @ 2158

      I would like to create another but I have so much collected gear on Aeden that you just can’t get in game anymore…for now anyways. The slots didn’t seem to bad to pay for. I used creds until it got to be too much but I wouldn’t do without them. They have my greatest hits (lmao) on there and I can’t bear to get rid of some of them. Dzhaan is only level 53 and she already has nine. I’ll likely max her out to but I want a couple really good sets on her before I finish the legacy cuts scenes just in case. I already missed out on a few that I would really have liked to grab screens from.


  4. Aiko
    3 April 2016 @ 1629

    We need some proper Kama! Like the ones from Clone Wars.


  5. Steve
    3 April 2016 @ 2042

    totally stealing this sorry man LOL been looking for ideas for my shadow that have heavier looking armor.


    • Aeden
      5 April 2016 @ 2200

      No worries! I’ll keep an eye out for another heavy chest to piss around with. 😀


      • Steve
        6 April 2016 @ 0840

        cool, I need a good one for my body type 3 trooper… got one of those? lol


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