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TOR Fashion


  1. Aeden
    5 April 2016 @ 2100

    I need help with a couple things if anyone knows. I’m looking for more bracers that are long like the Ulic Qel-Droma and Ravager ones. If anyone knows of such a thing I would really appreciate it. As well, does anyone have a fix for lights that aren’t showing on a belt like the B-300 set? I’ve bloody tried everything and can’t get them going again so I can release another set. Sucks so bad. So you know, I’ve changed the piece in the slot and changed out the chest just in case, deleted the existing slot piece, changed armor sets repeatedly, switched toons repeatedly, CTRL U (I was desperate), soft/hard logs/reboots…….hmmmm, I’m so deserate I may try a repair even though I did one the other day. Haven’t been able to find any info on it either. Any help or info would be appreciated.


    • Vix
      6 April 2016 @ 0016

      Not exactly bracers, but the Dathomir Shaman gloves go pretty high up on the character’s arms. Eidolon gloves go pretty far up too. Maybe that helps?


      • Aeden
        6 April 2016 @ 0836

        Yeah I’m aware of those two pieces. Never been a fan of the Shaman set tbh but thank you for suggesting.


    • gua543
      6 April 2016 @ 0701

      Can’t help you with the lights, but Carth Onasi’s bracers are similar to Ulic Qerl-Droma’s.


      • Aeden
        6 April 2016 @ 0835

        Those look promising. Thanks a lot! I’ll take anymore ppl can come up with. There are so many random pieces you just never know where you might find a hidden gem. This may be one of them.


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