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TOR Fashion


  1. Errtai
    14 July 2016 @ 0332

    Looks great man, the head piece fits very well with the Inquisitor set. Nice dye too. Maybe try Marka Ragnos’ belt?


  2. Atlantic
    14 July 2016 @ 1640

    I looked at all of your latest onslaught of submissions. I like them all to some degree but I like this one the most. I think it could have made a killer Sorcerer instead of Aeden under there but…very nice job of combining the pieces to make the metallic cat-skull mask really work. The screens are always great too.


    • Aeden Darko
      24 July 2016 @ 2033

      Sorry about the onslaught man. I always have tons of sets to post and I once tried to post like 12 sets between two submissions and it generated a lot of aggro. Have a look at Aedens gallery 1 & 2 to see for yourself. So I don’t do that anymore. As with Aeden I don’t try to design anything class specific on him. I use him as a model to make sets for all different classes. Even made a trooper suit with him. I do this because he has the largest gear pool to work with and I can make w/e I like and I have the most freedom on him. It’s getting better now that I’ve unlocked lots of armor sets in collections now as have a fair sized heroic gear pool as well. Thanks for the kind words and buckle up cause another onslaught is coming soon. Lmao

      Btw really liking your submissions.


  3. Psykrom
    14 December 2016 @ 0256

    amazing!! This set is part of the Odessen Alliance rewards, right?


    • Demunoki
      14 December 2016 @ 0718

      Everything but the head and feet (“Remnant” in the name)


      • Psykrom
        20 December 2016 @ 1404



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