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  1. Aeden Darko
    15 February 2017 @ 0115

    Exile would you mind adding this one for more me please?


  2. Demunoki
    15 February 2017 @ 0802

    Awesome set! As always, could you post a few pictures in a “normal” (i.e. normal game environment) location? Thanks!


    • Aeden Darko
      19 February 2017 @ 0022

      I will try and I still had the normal lighting shots in mind but where I would like to take them in relation as to where the tat shoot was taken turned out to be quite a hassle especially in between the dye presses. I really just wanted to get these new sets out so I could get back to the command grind. :/
      Thanks for the kind words mate.


      • Demunoki
        19 February 2017 @ 0902

        Ok that’s good to hear, and I’m sorry for being *that* guy who’s constantly buggering you about it…. :ß Happy grinding and experiencing “the thrill of the hunt” xD


  3. Zasz
    15 February 2017 @ 0912

    Could it be that you like protoss?^^


    • Aeden Darko
      19 February 2017 @ 0019

      I had never actually heard of that till you mentioned it but it’s pretty damn cool looking and I’d consider that a compliment. Thanks for that.


      • Zasz
        19 February 2017 @ 0708

        Im a big starcraft fan and this outfit reminded me of the protoss designs. Either way, it looks cool even if you werent inspired by the protoss 🙂


  4. Aeden Darko
    19 February 2017 @ 0028

    Gear list

    Set One
    Righteous Mystic’s Headgear
    Righteous Enforcer’s Body Armor
    Righteous Mystic’s Gloves
    Righteous Harbinger’s Belt
    Righteous Enforcer’s Legplates
    Righteous Enforcer’s Boots

    Set Two
    Righteous Enforcer’s Helmet
    Righteous Mystic’s Vestiments
    Righteous Harbinger’s Gauntlets
    Righteous Harbinger’s Belt
    Righteous Enforcer’s Legplates
    Righteous Enforcer’s Boots

    Unstable Peacemaker’s Dualsaber
    Color – Turquoise


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