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TOR Fashion


  1. saddsadsadadas
    3 July 2015 @ 0038

    Surprised at how well everything fits together. Nicely done.


  2. Anon
    3 July 2015 @ 0213

    What cutscene is the last image from? I don’t recognize it.

    Another thing, are those scars a CM purchase?


  3. Aeden
    3 July 2015 @ 0639

    All the cut scenes are from the +4 heroic Fall of the Locust on Taris. Two min speeder ride just outside the starport. These are only a few of the shots from it. There are plenty more still after these that are useful.

    The scars are a standard Chiss option but the skin tone was bought.

    Thanks for the compliments guys. Appreciated.


  4. Aeden
    3 July 2015 @ 1820

    Holy crap! Thanks to all my peeps who stopped by via FB to vote. Wow! Very cool.


  5. Rob Jensen
    13 September 2015 @ 1420

    That’s the same belt the Outlander wears! Knew it!


    • Aeden
      19 September 2015 @ 1843

      Thanks for the up Rob. Appreciated.

      Still my fav belt in game.


  6. Secrus
    28 September 2015 @ 1145

    Any specific name of belt and/or place of aquiring? i can find any of those on gtn…


    • Exiled Messenger
      28 September 2015 @ 1153

      Most of the non-moddable gear is exactly the same with a modifier before the name that indicates the tertiary stats available on that particular piece.

      This post under “Modifiers” lists the ones available for heavy tech armor.


    • jimbo32
      19 January 2017 @ 1927

      Reinforced Diatium Belt, Level 47 Synthweaving Heavy Armor orange shell. I’m guessing that the schematics come from L5 or 6 Underworld Trading missions, but I’m not positive. Note that the republic emblem is super dark and hard to see until dyed or colour matched.


  7. SirCupcake
    13 July 2017 @ 0113

    His face reminds me of Mr. Freeze.


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