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TOR Fashion


  1. Jacob Anderson
    6 October 2015 @ 1242

    You really need to use separate entries for all your characters, bro. This is extremely hard to follow and inconvenient considering none of these characters can be searched individually.


    • HungryJedi
      6 October 2015 @ 1810

      Extremely hard to follow? So is deciding which hand to wipe with if you think of it that way. LOL! Is your computer monitor upside down? Imagine what ppl would comment if he posted 12 entries in a row. I think this is great.


    • Hungry Jedi
      6 October 2015 @ 1915

      I don’t get it. What’s the point of having a comment section if were not even allowed to express our opinions? Jacob cried despite all the work this guy put into the post, I disagreed with his comment because this post is not hard to follow let alone extremely hard to follow. Yet his comment is still here while mine was deleted. Is Jacob a moderator here or friends with one?


      • Exiled Messenger
        6 October 2015 @ 1921

        I deleted your comment because you were rude. Jacob stated his opinion without being rude, so his comment stayed.


        • Hungry Jedi
          6 October 2015 @ 1947

          My intention was to add some levity to what I thought was an insult to the poor guy (Aeden). Some ppl don’t even list their gear here yet this guy lists all the gear and even tells us why he did it and still gets crapped on for not doing enough. That sucks but I don’t argue my comments could have been taken in the way you say. I was only joking though.


          • Aeden
            8 October 2015 @ 1232

            Sorry my post has caused such a stir guys. That wasn’t my intention at all. It all boils down to time constraints for myself and I truly thought ppl would be angry if I posted too much at once. I probably won’t be doing this format again. Thanks all for your support though, it’s appreciated.

    • Eru Iluvatar
      7 October 2015 @ 0552

      I’ll have to disagree with your opinion, my good sir. This is actually very convenient considering “all of these characters” are the same one. The entry is also very organised so to me, it’s very easy to follow. Don’t see where you’re coming from, unless you’re on a phone and if this site don’t support it πŸ˜›


  2. Kill-Jill
    6 October 2015 @ 1543

    With as many similar set pieces as he has I get why he did it this way and I think he labelled everything quite well. You have some very creative gear sets here.


  3. Timberley
    6 October 2015 @ 2001

    Nice Aeden! It’s good to see some refreshingly different looks for sets. And much as I can’t really afford the comms-loss, I’m tempted to get the Massassi Bulwark chest for my Shadow for the aesthetics!


    • Aeden
      8 October 2015 @ 1226

      Always glad to help out a fellow shadow. πŸ˜€ I know. I’m grinding the group finder ops as much as possible to grab more before 4.0. I haven’t been able to keep up with all the news on changes so I’m rushing to get as much as I can. I love that chest but the belt from most classes are amazing and some of the masks too from those vendors. GL and spend well.


  4. Ri'ann Dor
    8 October 2015 @ 1444

    These are some very good looking and well put together outfits! I’ll definitly take some inspirations from them. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us. πŸ™‚


    • Aeden
      8 October 2015 @ 1459

      It’s np at all. I really enjoy doing this. Thanks for saying so and I’m glad you like it.


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