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TOR Fashion


  1. Errtai
    6 October 2015 @ 1014

    You sir, have some really nice ideas. Can’t say I like all your combinations but that’s not the point. Even the way you present them is very cool. Thanks for this detailed post as well, there are some ideas which I will work on for some of my toons.


    • Aeden
      6 October 2015 @ 1216

      I’m glad you like it and that you get the point. These won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but there may be something in at least one of them that appeals to ppl. Thanks for the kind words. mate.


  2. Eru Iluvatar
    7 October 2015 @ 0559

    My oh my, I really like what you’ve done. Obviously some better than others, but still all good! I was personally wondering about what to do with the orbalisk chest, and now I got some ideas boiling. Thanks for sharing this with us, man. I hope to see more from you with other toons! 🙂


  3. Don Gloves
    7 October 2015 @ 1319

    My word, these are amazing, great job here. Truly an inspiration with these great ideas.


  4. Aeden
    8 October 2015 @ 1237

    Thanks very much all for the kind words. It def motivates me to make more indeed. Though next time I’m working on my girls. 😀


  5. Aeden
    8 October 2015 @ 1314

    If it’s ok would you please add this Exile. Thanks either way and you can delete this message.


  6. Aeden
    8 October 2015 @ 1321

    This last pic added is a quick update to two gear sets here. The Stalker’s Breastplate now has the Deceiver Bolblaster’s MK-1 Helmet and it looks great I think. The second is an update to the Synthetic Bio-Fiber Breastplate and I changed the hands to (Random) Riot Queller’s Handgear featured in the newest post section of the main page. These gloves make the set way more fluid and cohesive than the Hallowed Gothic Gloves I had before. It’s a weird set to begin with but I’m finally happy with it. I love the newest additions section of this site. Always has new or old stuff I have never seen before.


  7. Tykè
    11 October 2015 @ 1226

    Are you ever gonna do like a imp chiss/blue togruta or trooper chiss & smuggler chiss/togruta? I wanna see how they turn out.


    • Aeden
      19 October 2015 @ 0101

      Hmmmm, You just gave me a great idea for my free Lvl 60. Thanks a lot man. Maybe we’ll find out.


      • Choomba
        10 November 2015 @ 2014

        I’d love to see your take on a set using the Revan Reborn Greaves. =D


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