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  1. lemon
    6 May 2016 @ 1034

    You can never go wrong with Jarael’s Tunic (at least on a female toon).


  2. Sisqi
    7 May 2016 @ 1713

    Love this set as well as the previous one.


  3. Njessi
    7 May 2016 @ 2110

    I’d probably go with a different color on the pants, but I love the rest of the outfit.


    • Caitlin
      8 May 2016 @ 0034

      Any suggestions on what color I should use? I tried a dark black but it made for too harsh a contrast imo, and the natural color of the Satele Shan pants seemed to match okay with the dark-gray fabric outline I couldn’t dye out of the belt.


  4. Ewan Phillips
    14 August 2016 @ 1201

    Awesome alternate outfit for a more casual environment.


  5. Jason Moore
    17 August 2016 @ 1607

    Great look! Good accents and coloring. Also smart move to keep the pants the original color. +1 for chest ridge on your Pureblood 🙂


  6. D. Rose
    17 August 2016 @ 1844

    As my Sith Purebloods always say, if you’ve got ridges, show them off!


  7. DizzyPatron
    28 September 2016 @ 1957

    What’s that hairstyle from?


    • D. Rose
      1 October 2016 @ 1224

      That is the “Shaggy” style. It is on the CM under Misc.


  8. nomaddc
    29 April 2017 @ 2236

    Is it really Body Type 2?! Face looks so narrow for SWTOR, is it some forced custom aspect ratio or something? For whatever reason my game doesn’t look nearly as good even at ultra 🙁 Could you share character presets please?


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