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  1. Solicron
    17 February 2015 @ 1413

    Oh, I like this one :0


    • Astyra
      17 February 2015 @ 1532

      Thanks bro! Today I will hopefully be posting yet another outfit. I’ve been so unimaginably lucky with these new packs. Got this chestpiece, and the mask of the same set that I will be using in the next outfit. Stay tuned for more 😉


  2. Aeden
    18 July 2015 @ 2122

    Really nice gear set up but your pics are great. The first one you used for a thumb got my attention and I’m glad I checked it out. Keep it up.


    • Astyra
      9 October 2016 @ 1413

      Haven’t played SWTOR or checked anything related for the past 2 years. I decided to come back to TOR Fashion since I loved the idea and community and I saw your comment… Thanks so much! I really appreciate it, I think this setup had the best pictures myself. Thanks again and sorry for the year-late reply x)


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