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TOR Fashion


  1. Michael
    10 July 2012 @ 1219

    Best looking Legacy set IMO


  2. Neil Viray
    18 August 2012 @ 1635

    Currently looking for a similar model that isnt class restricted


    • RandyB
      5 March 2015 @ 0841

      Still looking for the same. This set is identical to an unmoddable companion set, and I want to keep the companion in that look.

      Plus, I have another companion using unmoddable headgear identical to this set’s, and I’m not playing the Cartel Rep game for the other moddable look-alike.


  3. darthjeff81
    6 November 2012 @ 1800

    can you have the hood up with the headgear, or is i one or the other?


    • Jules Janssen
      6 April 2015 @ 1619

      Normally when you have the “hide head slot” option unlocked (either sub or cartel market unlock) you should be able to use it that way, yeah


  4. Spruce Cycle
    17 February 2015 @ 0907

    Chest and pants r the best rest are terrible looking just like the rest of the legacy sets. All my agents have these.


  5. Siliverien
    25 September 2017 @ 2349

    Hey I can’t find the vendor for this….can anyone tell me where it is?


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