Agent Ezer – The Harbinger


Character – Agent Ezer – The Harbinger – Operative

Submitted by – Atlantic




PieceNameColor Matched?Dye/Crystal Color(s)
HeadGalvanized Infantry HelmetYesNone & None
ChestMandalore the Indomitable’s ChestguardBlack & Black
HandsCassus Fett’s GauntletsYesNone & None
WaistBlade Savant BeltYesNone & None
LegsBlade Savant GreavesYesNone & None
FeetCassus Fett’s BootsYesNone & None
WristsCassus Fett’s WristguardsYesNone & None
WeaponRangehunter EE-1 Carbine RifleBlue Outline
OffhandAny knifeChoose crystal color

Where to Obtain:

  • Head: GTN / Tracker’s Bounty Pack
  • Chest: GTN / Seneschal’s Stronghold Pack
  • Hands: GTN / Pursuer’s Bounty Pack
  • Waist: GTN / Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
  • Legs: GTN / Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
  • Feet: GTN / Pursuer’s Bounty Pack
  • Wrists: GTN / Pursuer’s Bounty Pack
  • Weapon: Probably random drop
  • Offhand:


This character is inspired partly by Captain Phasma. He’s black instead of chrome and male instead of female.

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