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TOR Fashion


  1. Eric
    28 May 2014 @ 1546

    Nice to see this set come back. Hands down this was the best endgame armor set at release. I hope they add the hood down top also.


  2. Robert
    25 June 2014 @ 1700

    When will this awesomeness be released?


  3. Meta Ray Mek
    2 July 2014 @ 0721

    Managed to get the Upper and Lower Armor set last night, which blew my mind. I never have that good of luck with these things! Now to decide which character/class to use it for… (I know it’s associated with Imp. Spy, but it strikes me more as something an Inquisitor would wear, too)


    • Jose DelMadre
      1 January 2015 @ 1450

      the mask looks killer on my inquisitor. it’s being used under a hood makes it total pimp.


    • Fland
      21 November 2015 @ 2308

      Were do you get it


      • - Jules -
        22 November 2015 @ 0527

        Look at the ‘Where to Obtain’ part of this page 😉


        • Fland
          22 November 2015 @ 0723

          Ye but wth are these packs? 🙂 Cant i just farm em ingame, do i really have to buy em?


          • Marek Lilleleht
            22 November 2015 @ 0939

            You can’t farm them, but there’s always a chance the items you want are also sold by someone on the GTN.

          • - Jules -
            22 November 2015 @ 1014

            True, you might have the luck of finding them on the gtn 🙂 , but expect a couple mil of credits for this armor set (usually, unless you’re really lucky to find it for less)
            I find this still a better idea though, since atm these packs aren’t available at the cartel market anymore since a few weeks back. So you would have to buy these at the gtn otherwise indeed, but the chance of a drop is rather low.

  4. Damien
    7 July 2015 @ 1550

    Looks so much like the outfit from AC. Bad-ass as usual.


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