Agile Sentinel - Female CloseAgile Sentinel - Female FrontAgile Sentinel - Female BackAgile Sentinel - Female RightAgile Sentinel - Female Left


Agile Sentinel - Male CloseAgile Sentinel - Male FrontAgile Sentinel - Male BackAgile Sentinel - Male RightAgile Sentinel - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Agile Sentinel BreastlateAgile Sentinel GreavesAgile Sentinel HelmetAgile Sentinel BootsAgile Sentinel GauntletsAgile Sentinel BeltAgile Sentinel Bracers



Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Agile Sentinel Dyed FrontAgile Sentinel Dyed Back

Doesn’t Hide Hood

Agile Sentinel Doesn't Hide Hood

Head Agile Sentinel’s Helmet
Chest Agile Sentinel’s Breastplate
Hands Agile Sentinel’s Gauntlets
Waist Agile Sentinel’s Belt
Legs Agile Sentinel’s Greaves
Feet Agile Sentinel’s Boots
Wrists Agile Sentinel’s Bracers


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