Alec Fortescue – Tomb of Freedon Nadd


Character – Alec Fortescue – Tomb of Freedon Nadd – Sentinel

Submitted by – Alec Fortescue




PieceNameColor Matched?Dye/Crystal Color(s)
HeadNoNone & None
ChestAmbitious Warrior ChestguardLight Brown & Pale Gray
HandsCanderous Ordo’s GlovesNoDark Brown & None
WaistUlic Qel-Droma’s BeltYesNone & None
LegsDarth Sion’s LeggingsNoWhite & None
FeetHumble Hero BootsNoDark Brown & None
WristsUlic Qel-Droma’s BracersNoDark Brown & None
WeaponShrouded Knight’s BladeBlue
OffhandIndomitable Vanquisher’s LightsaberMint Green

Where to Obtain:


Chest: GTN / Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Pack

Hands: GTN

Waist: GTN / Opportunist’s Bounty Pack

Legs: GTN / Freelancer’s Bounty Pack

Feet: GTN / Cartel Market

Wrists: GTN / Opportunist’s Bounty Pack

Weapon: PvP Weapons vendor.

Offhand: GTN / Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack

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