Alliance Mender / Targeter (Pub)



Alliance Smuggler - Female CloseAlliance Smuggler - Female FrontAlliance Smuggler - Female BackAlliance Smuggler - Female RightAlliance Smuggler - Female Left


Alliance Smuggler - Male CloseAlliance Smuggler - Male FrontAlliance Smuggler - Male BackAlliance Smuggler - Male RightAlliance Smuggler - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Alliance Smuggler Female SuitAlliance Smuggler Female LeggingsAlliance Smuggler Female Boots

Alliance Smuggler Female HeadgearAlliance Smuggler Female Gloves

Alliance Smuggler Female BeltAlliance Smuggler Female Bracers

Alliance Smuggler Male SuitAlliance Smuggler Male LeggingsAlliance Smuggler Male Boots

Alliance Smuggler Male HeadgearAlliance Smuggler Male Gloves

Alliance Smuggler Male BeltAlliance Smuggler Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Alliance Smuggler Dyed



HeadAlliance Targeter’s Headgear
ChestAlliance Targeter’s Jacket
HandsAlliance Targeter’s Gloves
WaistAlliance Targeter’s Belt
LegsAlliance Targeter’s Leggings
FeetAlliance Targeter’s Boots
WristsAlliance Targeter’s Bracers


HeadAlliance Mender’s Headgear
ChestAlliance Mender’s Suit
HandsAlliance Mender’s Gloves
WaistAlliance Mender’s Belt
LegsAlliance Mender’s Leggings
FeetAlliance Mender’s Boots
WristsAlliance Mender’s Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Forged Alliances and Shadow of Revan Prelude

  • Head – (Solo) Assault on Tython
  • Chest – (Solo) Assault on Tython
  • Hands – (Solo) Depths of Manaan
  • Waist – Forged Alliances: Part 2
  • Legs – (Solo) Korriban Incursion
  • Feet – (Solo) Korriban Incursion
  • Wrists – Forged Alliances: Part 2


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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