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Alliance Packs (Shipment Eight)

Click on the Pack names below to view posts for each pack. In addition to the items listed below, each pack may drop:



  1. Robert Schäffer
    12 January 2016 @ 0506

    I would be curiouse how much of credits are in the Credit Boom and Credit explosion are contained. Anyone knows? 🙂


    • Exiled Messenger
      12 January 2016 @ 0724

      It varies. There isn’t a specific amount every time.


    • Kitty
      10 June 2016 @ 2306

      dead thread and Im sure you dont care, but its cap is about 150k I think. most people get like 40- 70k , so if you sell it for 80k on the gtn you normally profit.


  2. Viilax
    12 June 2016 @ 2046

    I hope the Deceptor pack has some good Sith gear.


  3. Ragyō Kiryūin
    16 June 2016 @ 1426

    Whoever came up with that wasteland set needs to have his eyes examined!! The main body looks fine but that helmet especially around the neck!! I’d feel ashamed if I made something that crappy looking then released it in a pack purchased with Real Money.


  4. Viilax
    12 July 2016 @ 1452

    I totally want a statue of Scorpio after her ‘Sudden but inevitable betrayal’.


    • Alexandar von Carstein
      8 August 2016 @ 0031

      I want her as bucket for when to toilet is out of order!


    • y2z
      10 August 2016 @ 1904

      Plus one for you.


      • Simon Cleal
        17 August 2016 @ 1631

        Is it possible to watch that clip and NOT want to watch the entire series again?


        • Captain R
          16 November 2016 @ 0447



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