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  1. Drewztoon
    19 July 2014 @ 1153

    Sleek and functional…, just what a Sniper needs. Nicely done.


  2. TheStarkLegacy
    20 July 2014 @ 0511

    nice combo!! i will definitely be using the Chest Piece for my fem sniper. thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Arby
    20 July 2014 @ 0936

    I never really thought very much of the speedsuit until I saw this, nice look.


  4. Jacira
    20 July 2014 @ 1417

    Wristbands, Eye-shadow and even your weapon compliment this look nicely, well done!


  5. Andri/Kaylenn
    21 July 2014 @ 1019

    Thanks for the great comments! I fell for this set the moment it came out because of the texturing of it. It is now jokingly referred to as the “Official Sniper Uniform” of our guild. My fellow ops Sniper, a Body Type 2 male Chiss wears it and it compliments the Chiss skin tones very well. Belts and bracers vary to let you personalize things a bit. My Operative wears RV-03 as well, but with the black/red dye pack. This set takes a lot of dye packs very well, so it’s extremely versatile.


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