• Character: Angda-Baash of The Progenitor
  • Jedi Knight: Sentinel
  • Submitted by: DeadlyWest
  • My version of Batman in Star Wars. Saw the other Batman characters other people have created and saw that a lot of them consisted of all black and Nolan inspired, so I decided to make my own comic book/Affleck accurate SWTOR Batman. This can be used by any class as far as I know, which is why I did not display the weapons I use, however if anyone really wants or needs to know, I use dual Vindicator Lightsabers from the Cartel Market with a black-blue and black-red crystal (I've only put that here because I can't put it in the Weapons box, for the record). I also have a blue and grey version for those who prefer blue and grey on Batman, which I will upload soon. I also have a Robin version of Kira Carsen which I will ALSO upload soon. Enjoy! 😀


    Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head Powered Exoguard Helmet No Black & Black GTN
    Chest Malak's Shadow Chestguard Medium Gray & Medium Gray GTN
    Hands Eradicator's Gauntlets No None & None Cartel Market/GTN
    Waist Initiate's Belt No Deep Yellow & Dark Brown Adaptive Gear Vendor on Republic Fleet
    Legs Darth Malak's Leggings Yes & GTN
    Feet Theron Shan's Boots No None & None GTN
    Wrists &
    Weapon Choose crystal color