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  1. Arclinon
    15 May 2012 @ 2128

    “Ehm lady, lady there is a tree seed in place of your head” But even with that i think it looks kinda cool


    • dulfy
      15 May 2012 @ 2135

      the helmet is very reflective :p


  2. Jesslyn
    28 May 2012 @ 0708

    For Imperials:

    This set’s chest piece is extra notable in my book because, unlike a lot of other chest pieces with the same overall style, this one does *not* have suspender-like straps hanging down over the hips.

    I know, I know, it seems plenty obvious from the screenshots that there are no suspenders! Why am I even mentioning this? Because, strangely, no-suspenders versions of this chest are pretty rare compared to their strappy brethren.

    Beyond that, those suspenders that exist on most other, similar tops can cause rather noticeable clipping issues. I have noticed it most on females with body type 4. The clipping happens while walking, running, crouching and so on.

    So, if you like this style of chest but hate the suspenders, at least you have Anointed Demicot as an option!


    • dulfy
      28 May 2012 @ 0732

      good to know 😉


  3. b33zy77
    10 February 2013 @ 0931

    I have schematics for the head, vestments and sash. If the sash exists I wonder what else does? BTW: they are level 35 and not 36.


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