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  1. gua543
    10 November 2015 @ 1322

    Man, this Thexan set obsession reminds me of this one time when they released the Eradicator set with 50 or 75% discount, don’t remember which. Literally every single warrior I saw on the fleet that night had the set. Every single one.


    • Steve
      11 November 2015 @ 1212

      Well it looks awesome, I just think the helmet looks weird. lol


      • Anvil
        11 November 2015 @ 2000

        Thanks. I actually quite like the helmet. I’m not a big fan of helmets with protruding fins and other weird stuff like that (e.g Crest of the Dreadmasters).


    • Anvil
      11 November 2015 @ 2002

      It’s one of the best armor sets to be released on the Cartel Market. I don’t see it as a problem with everyone wearing it.


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