Anz’ara – The Ebon Hawk

    • Character: Anz’ara of The Ebon Hawk
    • Smuggler: Gunslinger
    • Submitted by: Mooncaster

The thing I like most about this outfit is the fact that the jacket conceals the blasters with very little clipping. So great.


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
ChestExiled Revolutionary’s JacketLight Brown & Medium Brown
HandsResistance Fighter’s GauntletsNoNone & None
WaistOutlander Maverick’s BeltNoNone & None
LegsJedi Strategist’s PantsNoNone & None
FeetUlgo Statesman’s BootsNoNone & None
WristsExiled Revolutionary’s BracersNoNone & None
WeaponCeraglass Onslaught Blaster PistolBlood Red
OffhandCeraglass Onslaught Blaster PistolBlood Red

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