• Character: Aractis of The Red Eclipse
  • Bounty Hunter: Mercenary
  • Submitted by: Unoshi
  • Aractis of the Krayt Clan, now known as Mandalore The Place Holder ( no seriously havent thought of a title yet behind Mandalore it self)
    Ever Since they brought out the first Mandalore set i tried to get my own set to match that of Mandalore the Ultimate since i didnt like BW set that much (at all)

    The Boots can also work with Gav’s boots and the graves can be replaced with a more BH/Trooper type as well, as long as you can make the gold work with it.

    The most important piece beside the head is the chest piece. Just try to make everything else match with it.


    Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head Mandalore the Ultimate’s Helmet No None & None Star Cluster Nightlife Pack, GTN
    Chest Karness Muur’s Robes None & None Club Vertica Nightlife Pack, GTN
    Hands Karness Muur’s Gloves Yes & Club Vertica Nightlife Pack, GTN
    Waist Karness Muur’s Belt Yes & Club Vertica Nightlife Pack, GTN
    Legs Yes & Wild Space Explorer’s pack, GTN
    Feet Jori Daragon’s Footwraps Yes & Wingman’s fighter pack Dog’s fighter pack, GTN
    Wrists Karness Muur’s Bracers Yes & Club Vertica Nightlife Pack, GTN
    Weapon Choose crystal color