“Arcann began his brutal reign with the assassination of his own father before spreading untold death and suffering throughout the galaxy. Eventually defeated by the Outlander and stripped of his throne, Arcann initially sought revenge… but the mercy shown to him and his mother by his hated enemy profoundly changed him. Now Arcann fights at the Outlander’s side to liberate the galaxy from Zakuul in the hope he can atone for the monumental sins of his past.”

Character ClassOutlander
RecruitedChapter 6: The Dragon's Maw
Amor SlotsNo
Primary WeaponLightsaber
Stronghold DecorationMounts, Pets and Companions – Companions
Hook TypeFloor Small, Floor Medium, Floor Medium Narrow


Arcann Customization 1 – 10 Light Side Tokens


Arcann Customization 2 – 10 Dark Side Tokens